At Christ Lincoln, we meet at least twice a year as a congregation to share information and updates from our staff, to provide financial information, to answer questions that our congregants might have, and to move forward, together, as one church. Check below to see our next meeting time and place.


Sunday, April 11th at 12:30pm in our Sanctuary Worship Space


We will be live streaming our meeting for those who are unable to attend in person. Check back here this Sunday to enter our live stream. Please note that members who attend our meeting over live stream will not be able to vote at our meeting due to our bylaws.


First, we will open in prayer. Next, we will discuss our financials, providing a recap of our Financial Town Hall, discussing how we are working to bring our Treasurer onto our Lay Leadership Board (LLB) as a non-voting member, and updating our financial policies. Next, we will provide a Mission of the Month update. Following that, we will give updates from our Christ Lincoln Foundation, our Christ Lincoln Schools, our congregational survey, and our Director of Ministries Call Committee. Next, we will be approving last year's congregational meeting minutes as well as our LLB August meeting minutes. You can find these minutes below! After our minutes, we will be electing our LLB officers and members. You can take a look at our slate of members below! We will be sharing a video to celebrate what we have been able to accomplish this past year. Following the video, we will be answering questions that are submitted ahead of time, then we will allow for questions from those in attendance. Finally, we will close in prayer.