From our beginnings as Christ Lutheran Church in October of 1949 to where we are now as Christ Lincoln, we would not be here without two vital people: Jesus and you! From additional staff, the many building projects, and our many mission and education ministries that have happened over these 70+ years, God has blessed the ministry of our church. Our church started very small, but with the Lord’s blessings, we have grown much in these years. Part of this growth would not be possible without you! From giving financially and giving of your time, to participating in worship, Bible studies, Wednesday night programming, and events, you are a vital part of the ministry of Christ Lincoln Church.

We want to provide a place for you to find important information that pertains to our church! From attendance numbers, financial information, worship previews and newsletters, to important links to Christ LNK, church documents, including LLB and congregational meeting minutes, and policies. We look forward to updating this information to provide you with a place to connect with your church in a deeper way.


Our 2020-21 Annual Report is here! Read a message from our Director of Ministries, view testimonies from congregants and volunteers, see statistics from our worship services, family ministries, and schools, and take a look at our overall budget. 


At Christ Lincoln, we strive to provide financial transparency to our congregation. Here, you can find financial information (such as our giving per month and our expenditures) and our monthly financial statements. You can also see our upcoming schedule of Financial Town Hall meetings. Periodically, we will share a deeper dive into our finances.


Membership at Christ Lincoln is entirely optional! As a non-member, you can partake in everything we have to offer except vote in our congregational meetings. Here, you can see our upcoming membership class dates if you would like to become a member, visit our member portal at Christ LNK, view our documents and our annual report.


James Moseman works as our Biblical Generosity Coordinator. He oversees our Fellowship One database, financial workshops, capital campaigns, grants, helping folks with their giving, and our new Leadership Program. A fun fact about James is that each spring he heads back to his high school to judge speech meets. He has been on staff for almost 3 years.

Email James to thank him for all of his work at Christ Lincoln.


At Christ Lincoln, worshiping with our congregants is an amazing opportunity to grow closed to God and to each other. Here, you can view our attendance numbers, photos from our worship services and events, volunteer for our worship services and other areas of ministry, and watch our services online.