Launched in August 2008, the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry is a national human-care ministry embracing the unique, calming nature and skills of purebred Golden Retrievers. The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs are a bridge for compassionate ministry, opening doors for conversation about faith and creating opportunities to share the mercy, compassion, presence and proclamation of Jesus Christ.

LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs are working animals trained to interact with people of all ages and circumstances who are suffering and in need; the Comfort Dogs serve every day in the community in which they are placed and are deployed in times of disaster and crises upon request. The dogs participate in scheduled and special events. Dogs are permanently placed with churches, schools and other ministries involved in Christian human care by LCC. Permanent placement includes full training for handlers and caregivers along with ongoing support, coaching and training. LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs live in the homes of assigned caregivers. For more information access this brochure or contact the K-9 Comfort Dog administrators for Christ Lincoln, Susan Holland or Lori Howard.

The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs serve every day in the community in which they are placed and are dispatched in times of disaster and crisis to bring comfort to all those affected, including first responders and the volunteers who serve them. LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs were in New York and New Jersey visiting victims of Superstorm Sandy, and in Connecticut after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Lutheran Church Charities currently has over 130 LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs serving in more than 27 states. LCC operates two training facilities in Illinois and Nebraska.


Our K-9 Comfort/Kare 9 Military Dog, Joanna, was officially welcomed to Christ Lincoln in mid February 2019 through Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) K-9 Ministries. Since then, she has made many new friends as she greets at church services/events and visits our Schools on a regular basis. Joanna Comfort Dog has over 25 monthly recurring visits with those in facilities such as hospice, various care facilities, the VA, colleges etc. She serves in our community, state, and country when she receives special event requests or emergency site visit requests to provide comfort in times of disaster and crisis. 


Joanna Comfort Dog loves to meet people and explore her community of Lincoln, NE and the surrounding areas. However, she only visits places where she is invited. If you would like to meet Joanna Comfort Dog, you can make a request and schedule a visit below! 


Comfort Dog ministry services are provided without cost to those served. Each K-9 Ministry relies upon the generosity of friends, supporters, and donors to meet the expenses associated with carrying out the ministry. Donate to the Christ Lincoln K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry below!


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Here, you can find some pictures of our Comfort Dog Ministries. Additionally, take a look at our two videos we put together to show our deployment to El Paso and our years in review.

Our team was deployed to El Paso, Texas in August 2019 to help those that are emotionally and physically recovering from the shooting. Take a look at the video from that visit.

Joanna Comfort Dog has been at Christ Lincoln since 2019! Take a look at her second year in Nebraska and beyond, and how her work has blessed those with comfort and love.

Take a look at how Joanna Comfort Dog has been a blessing to Lincoln and the surrounding communities in her third year.