Jesus, Our Perfect High Priest at Sanctuary

As we approach the end of the Church Year, the assigned Bible readings will include an emphasis on the “End Times”, generally a topic/theme which can inspire fear or confusion.  But, our God and Savior is the God of neither of those.  Rather, He is the God who calls us to things of hope, peace and clarity, and we often grow in those blessings by knowing His heart. At the end of Matthew 23, we’ll read a heart-wrenching cry of our Lord Jesus, a cry in which He grieves over the stubbornness, the self-centeredness, even the hatred which separate people from Him. It was in the early moments of Holy Week with the reality of the cross coming closer and closer.  It was at that time, knowing that He would shed His blood for the forgiveness of sin, coming from His love for all people.  He was mindful even of those who yet opposed Him.  Yes, this is our Savior. It is very good for us to spend time in considering His heart – not only for you and for me, but for all people; yes, even for those people who today deny Him.  He yearns for the whole world, for all people; it means that, even in our day, He is mightily at work, revealing Himself to many.  It is His heart and the work of the Holy Spirit, whose power is true and whose power can wonderfully pierce each heart. To know His heart is important, for in it I see myself, and in it I can see all people. To know His heart – priceless.  How good to remember this in all that I face and in all that happens. See you soon.