Worldview at 211 Sumner

At our Sumner campus, pastor Scheich will be our 'guest' (Pastor Hutton will be there as well) and will preach a message based on our shared experience of challenges that we've all faced in 2020. Specifically, as we have been distressed over the racism in our own hearts and in our culture, as we see rioting and looting, as the level of anger rises... what are Christians to do? If we hold to the teachings of the Bible, how do we view the world? And how is some of what we're seeing in culture a rejection of the Biblical worldview? How can we Christians respond in ways that show love to our neighbor... to ALL our neighbors? A challenging message, which we are not only going to livestream and post as we usually do, but also going to then cut down and post to social media so that you can review and share with friends, neighbors and relatives.