Approaching the Cross While Taking Out the Trash at Sanctuary

There are things that certainly that enhance us in our Christian faith, and our daily living. We praise God for those blessings and are mindful to be discerning with them. There are also things that certainly hinder us in our Christian faith, and our daily living. We seek true wisdom for our God and Lord to set those things aside; to allow them no place in our thinking; to see them for what they truly are – garbage, and worthy of being “put out” and no longer having a part in any part of our lives. In Philippians 3, the Apostle Paul encourages us to treasure Christ and His saving grace, His death and resurrection; to treasure Him and His goodness. Further, we are reminded that these things of the Savior are certain in our lives and we are called to confidently and eagerly embrace all that is part of His precious Kingdom for us. In our day, as much as ever, these words are precious, lovely and of great value – we are Christ’s and we gladly walk in His ways. See you soon.