Of Mustard Seeds and Leaven at Sanctuary

What difference can I make? How shall I live? How can I better handle those emotions in my life that are neither godly nor helpful – fear, worry, anger, blame, despair, bitterness, rage? What we’re going to do is what God’s people always do – we’re going to dwell in His love and find ourselves increasingly in His Word. And, we’re going to encourage each other. And we’ll be His people in the world, in such a unique and gracious way that blessings will surely follow. And, we’ll trust ourselves and our efforts to the One who loves us and who desires that all know Him. You can read those two paragraphs again and again, and you wouldn’t know in what year the words were written; or, what decade; or, what country; or, which century. In worship on Sunday, we’ll spend some time in II Corinthians 5.  You might want to look there ahead of time (verses 14-21) and consider one or two verses to memorize. We’ll do the same thing in Romans 12:9-21. These are tremendous portions of God’s Word which enliven our hearts again and again and again, for this is what He wants us to know – that in Him we are saved, set free; in Him we are called and so in Him do we live. These remarkable teachings of God could not be more timely, nor more encouraging than they are in our day and in our generation and in our crises. On Sunday, we’ll look ahead. We’ll do so with confidence in our Lord, who calls us as His own, and who calls us to live as His own, and who promises to bless us (and others through us) as His own. We’ll look to September and beyond. We’ll look to our generation and those yet to be.  We’ll look deep within, finding peace in His mercy and confidence in His love. Days come and go, as do years and decades. Man’s efforts are ever-present and might seem good or even flashy. But, man’s efforts crumble and reveal so much brokenness that we’re called to love, to pray, to serve, to trust – all flowing from the love of our Savior. Yes, this is how we’ll live today, and tomorrow. See you soon. LS