The Gracious Ways of God's People at Sanctuary

Both great significance and renewing power are found in the grace, mercy and

kindness which God’s people pour into their Pastor’s life and ministry.  Actually,

it would probably not be much of an exaggeration for one to say that their grace,

mercy and kindness are far more valuable and productive in his work than

can possibly be measured.

We’ll talk about that in worship on Sunday, as I do just a bit more reflecting

on the years and the reality of the Pastoral Office.

I’ll plan to share with you a few of my most memorable blunders over the years,

not so much to gain either laughs or groans, but to demonstrate how powerful

are the forgiving ways, the kind ways, the gracious ways of the people of God. 

It matters; it truly does matter.

The point of our time together won’t be in memories, but in the truth of God’s Word,

as He will always raise up men of faith into the Office of Pastor; it will be for His

Name’s sake and for the sake of His Kingdom.   But, this does not happen in

isolation, nor does it happen in the lives of men who are better, or more faith-filled

than others.  Rather, it is the amazing work of God as He chooses to build,

strengthen and expand His Kingdom; it is true in our generation as in past

generations, as in future generations.  It is His way among us.

We’ll take a look specifically at Romans 1 and I Timothy 3.

The call of God and the outpouring of love from God’s people is an amazing and powerful combination.  It is to be recognized among us, as well as it is celebrated,

as well as deeply and thankfully pondered.

It is clear that the Office of Pastor is a gift to the Church; it is equally clear

(and every bit as important) that the people of God (the Church!) is a wondrous

gift to the Office of Pastor.

His ways are incredible; His wisdom beyond measure.  Together we have lived it. 

In an ongoing way we will celebrate it and praise Him for it.