July 26th at Sanctuary

The world is in upheaval. People are frightened, angry, intimidated, resentful, confused, retreating. That sentence could be truthfully written during any season of history. The fallenness of man is ever upon us, and the scars run deep. Everywhere one might look, there is trouble and plenty of reason to fret or fight. Perhaps, then, it would be good to look away from “everywhere” and look to Christ, the Lord, our Savior, God for us. Perhaps, then, it would be good to find value in Him and His perfect love. A short section from Matthew 13 gives us an ongoing look at The Kingdom of God. In two short parables, Jesus identifies the Father as the one who found a treasure and paid everything to get it. He gave His Son to die, paying the price. We are treasured! This puts everything in perspective; yes, even things of a fallen, broken, frightening, confusing world. As this world has always been, so has His saving love always been. And, He is greater! We’ll also look closely at the familiar section of Romans 8, from which many, many Christians over the generations have found deep comfort and lasting peace – nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Within those verses, we find two verses which put forward two opposing views of you and me. To the world, we are close to worthless – like sheep to be slaughtered. Who would deny that this is how the world (in the ongoing ways of Satan, that liar and murderer) views us? However, in the Lord Jesus, we are “super-conquerors”, that is, victorious over absolutely everything, and all through His love. This, then, is how we will live. We will be mindful of how the world views us. But, we will not be dismayed nor discouraged. We will live in the certainty of our super-victory in Jesus. He paid the price. The enemy has been defeated. We belong to the Lord forever. Yes, this is how we will live – victoriously. See you soon. LS