An Unfailing Power - God's Word at Sanctuary

Often we think of the words of the Old Testament prophets to be words of warning, or words of future events, or words of grieving and pleading. And, it is true – those words/messages are found within the writings of the prophets. Yet, there are also the less frequent words found within the pages of the prophets which are deeply rich in comfort, in hope, even in eagerness for the days God grants to His people. In Isaiah 55, words from God are so beautifully rich and so deeply encouraging that they build up in our hearts that desire to live out our days joyfully; to live each day with an exuberance which flows from celebrating His grace and mercy. God tells us to look beyond ourselves; look to Him. He tells us not to confuse His thinking and His ways with our thinking and our ways. No, He is not that low, nor is He that limited, nor is He that simple. Do you know what makes my heart glad? It is that His ways are infinitely higher than my ways; yes, and He is the One who loves me forever. Do you know what makes my heart eager for every one of my days? It is that His Word accomplishes His very purposes. The God of our salvation is at work today. Do you see it? Do you rejoice in it? “You shall go out with joy, and be led forth in peace!” What if we fully lived out this truth today? The daily dose of life that is fed to us, along with the deadly dose of life which we ourselves eagerly seek out and take in, lead to no joy and provide no peace. But, the God of our salvation is at work today. His Word will accomplish great blessings for His Name and for the strengthening of His Kingdom. Look closely and you’ll see it; and you’ll rejoice in it. How much better is this than what we gain from ourselves or the world around us! Isaiah the prophet proclaims it quite clearly – The God of our salvation is at work today, and His Word will bring great blessing. See it! Rejoice in it! Live in its peace! See you soon. LS