He Brought A Sword at Sanctuary

Our Lord and Savior is certainly recorded to have said some amazingly beautiful and comforting things; they are wonderful truths of His Kingdom, and give strong witness to His heart, His compassion, His mercy and more. However, our Lord and Savior is certainly recorded to have some incredibly provocative things, statements that are challenging and seemingly harsh; statements that are not easy to read or hear; statements that many might want to dismiss, eliminate, ban. How about this one: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace, but a sword.”? Do you flinch at that word from the very Son of God? Or, can you (by the Holy Spirit!!) rather embrace this truth from Jesus, and say that this, too, is a teaching of beauty, of mercy and, even, comfort? We will spend time together in worship considering this great truth, as it’s recorded for us in Matthew 10. We will look at other texts, and discover the reality that this world and sinful nature will always oppose Christ and salvation; we see it, we admit it, we recognize it and then find an ever deepening joy that He loves us, that we know it, and that we love Him, too. He who has died for us has a fair and good claim upon our hearts. The world hates that, and seeks to lead people away from Him. By His grace, we know it to be true and are thankful for Him! Of course, there will be conflict in the hearts of men and women, boys and girls; conflict within one’s heart, and conflict in community and relationships as well. In our study together, we’ll even find that some people very, very close to Him were among those who, early on, despised Him and His truth, and then later, by His grace, were among His strongest followers. Such is the authority and the goodness of His mercy; such is the beautiful invitation found in His Word. We gain an insight into the world, into relationships, into self. “Do not think that I have come to bring peace, but a sword.” Yes. It is true. And it has to do with the natural heart of man which stands always as an enemy of God. But, His compassion is far greater than any weakness, any doubt, any sin. So, when I see this thing in my life called saving faith, I know that His Word, His Love has behaved very much like a sword, freeing me to be His forever. We love our Savior. And we love His teachings, all of them, for they are right and true, and have wonderfully pierced our hearts. See you soon. LS