Pennies, Sparrows & Me at Sanctuary

In our worship time together this Sunday (Monday, also), we will learn of Jesus’ beautiful answer to the question that inevitably confronts us. In fact, it is a question that can lead to much stress, even despondency. Who cares about me? In fact, it is a question that is not only evident across the nation in these days, but swirling around countless many people, impacting pretty much everybody.  Truly, it has always been so.  An amazing amount of things have been spoken or written on the topic; some of those things have been quite helpful, some brilliant, some truly soul-searching, some inane, some evil, some quite unhelpful. We’ll be reading words of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who in instructions to His followers being sent out to serve, basically says, “Remember the sparrows!” (Matthew 10) Who loves me like He does? Who values me like He does? Who died for me like He did? Whose promises can be fully trustworthy, as are His? This great teaching from our Lord finds itself, not isolated, but fully in the middle of His call upon the lives of His followers – that they would serve Him; that they would serve Him fearlessly; that they would serve Him graciously. Why? It is because of the extraordinary value which He has placed upon each of us (and, upon all people; every single one of them). These are His perfect words, and not mine, nor yours, nor the world’s. Thus has He said, “Remember the sparrows!” All voices, all opinions, all efforts find themselves being filtered through the loving ways of Jesus, the Savior. There is no other way. So, by His grace, we will do it. We will: “Remember the sparrows!” Yes, and then I will know His heart for me, and then I will love, live, serve in His Name . . . . See you soon. LS