Can These Bones Live at Sanctuary

This will be Pentecost Sunday, and the color red will be supporting us in our worship time. Red brings forth two things for our prayerful awareness – the blood of the martyrs over the centuries, and the firepower of the Holy Spirit (as shown forth in the flames above the heads of the early believers). “Come, Holy Spirit . . . ” We’ll read Acts 2, and also John 15/16 for Jesus’ important insights and teachings into the Holy Spirit who will be sent to us. “Come, Holy Spirit . . .” But, perhaps another color for our Pentecost celebration would be brown, or tan. Why? We’ll also read Ezekiel 37 and consider the dry bones in the valley. That unusual part of Scripture is simply putting forth to Ezekiel the truth that is never-ending – in ourselves, our sin and our many weaknesses, there is no possibility at all of having eternal life. That's brown, that's tan! But, God the Holy Spirit has made us alive in faith, in salvation, in knowledge, in grace, in all the things of His Kingdom. That's red! “Come, Holy Spirit . . .” He is working in our lives, in our community, and in the world today, and there is no reason for hopelessness or fear (brown; tan), but only joy, peace and ever-increasing confidence in Him. (red) “Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of the faithful and kindle in us the fire of Your love. Amen.” See you soon.