Mother's Day at Sanctuary

Did you know your great-grandmother? And do you know her story? Do you know of her struggles and her concerns? Do you know much of her youth? Do you know of her worries? Do you know how God worked in her life? King David knew of his grandmother. Her name was Ruth. As we find ourselves in our ownamazing time, we’ll consider together the workings of God in her life, her amazing time, and what this has to do with us today. Ours is a most significant “day”. We find ourselves deep in the wonders of the Easter season, deep in the throes of a pandemic, facing differing levels of isolation and limitations, and now we’re supposed to somehow celebrate Mother’s Day. And, we will! The celebration will focus on the ways of God in the lives of ALL His precious daughters, mother or not. Precious women of faith, of every age and every setting, are called to see how God is working in their lives. And, we are all called to see those beautiful realities. We read of Ruth and Naomi in the Old Testament Book of Ruth. Their troubles were real, their pain severe, their decisions heart-wrenching, their futures uncertain. God was at work – He provided, He surprised, He acted, He blessed. And, in His ways and in His timing, Ruth was treasured and, through the Lord’s amazing ways, she became the one who would be great-grandmother to King David. Yes, David, through whose lineage the Savior would come! That would, of course, be OUR Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. How fantastic are God’s ways in lives and in history. How incredible is His touch in moments of deep distress and wildly uncertain futures. How true He is to His precious promise of sending a Savior, sending His very Son. How awe-inspiring it is to see that He works in our days, too! It is because He is the God who loves, who saves, who blesses. The Book of Ruth will be our text. It’s all of four chapters. Delight in this portion of God’s Word. Read it a few times, and perhaps match up that reading with II Corinthians 1:3-11. Here are great truths that our Lord would have us know and ponder. We’ll come across some important names in The Book of Ruth. You might know them; you might not: Naomi, Ruth, Orpah, Boaz, Obed, Elimilech, Mahlon and Kilion. They’re certainly interesting (though, perhaps, strange) names, but their highest value to us is that they point us to that one Name, the Name of Him is the loving Lord forever – JESUS. See you soon. LS