Palm Sunday at Sanctuary

Palm Sunday is here. Gathering in our homes for this virtual worship service, we could say, “Well, it looks like Palm Sunday is now here.” That little word “now” is a crucial part of understanding the significant of this Day. Yes, I know that we can focus on certain parts of the Biblical narrative. For instance, we have the word “Hosanna”, a word very much entwined with Palm Sunday and the love of Christ. The word means, “Lord, save us”, or “Lord, You are Savior”. It is a word rich with meaning that can only be directed to Christ our Lord. We have the palm branches, the cloaks, the donkey, the crowd. We also have the reaction from the religious leaders. When they said, “Look! The whole world is following Him”, that was their cry of finality – He would die. And, He would die soon. And, He knew it. One of the major themes found in John’s account (John 12) is that Jesus Himself declared not only what would be happening soon (“The Son of Man will be lifted up”, namely upon the cross), but that this would also be the defeat of Satan. Wonderful news. It’s the greatest need, and that will be our focus on Sunday. “Now is the prince of this world driven out.” It would take the cross; the suffering the holy Son of God; the One who carried our sins and those of the world. It would take the cross and it would be His triumph intended for all. In our day, we are reminded and built up in this truth. In a broken world, there will always be moments, even seasons of suffering; there will always be moments, even seasons of pain. But, the greatest enemy has no real authority nor power over me. Christ, my Lord, has cast him out! Hosanna! “Lord, save us!” It has been done. He knew that it would be done. He announced that it would be done. My Lord Jesus has bought me, not with silver or gold, but with His holy precious blood. Now. In all my days, moments, seasons, this is the truth. Hosanna!!! LS