No Hopelessness, But New Life at Sanctuary

On Sunday, we’ll find ourselves concentrating on an Old Testament reading. It’s a familiar one to many, and carries with it a stirring picture of our brokenness, how that brokenness can become so very discouraging, and how God’s power takes us beyond all that into joyful and confident living! We’ll be looking together at Ezekiel 37, and the vivid description of The Valley of Dry Bones, and the important teaching of our God, the Mighty One, He Who is Lord of the Church and Lord of our lives. Discouraged? Frightened? Feeling abandoned and hopeless? Uncertain that God can be trusted? Or, perhaps uncertain that He really does love you? Then, listen to Him. Hear His message to you, to me. We are His people, and we are not called to be people of discouragement, but people of hope and a faith-filled vibrancy. Listen to Him, and understand that, by His grace, we are a ‘vast army’. Those are His own words, spoken through Elijah to His people. A vast army for good, for His glory. A vast army to make a loving difference in this world. A vast army to pray boldly, to love without reserve, to become encouragers within a frightened world, filled with hurting and confused people, trusting the God who loves us all. We can call it, in some ways, The Parable of the Dry Bones. Its lesson fits our day, most certainly, but only as it has fit the day for every generation of God’s people. This is our day. We are His people. We live and love, confidently in Him. Sanctuary worship will be “live-streamed” at 8:00 a.m. Sunday. Watch and worship then, or anytime later in the day or week. Check for us on our website. Peace! LS