A Woman, Her Brokenness, Her Village at Sanctuary

On Sunday, we’ll look carefully at a Bible narrative that is familiar to many, and has some amazing insights for each of us as we consider the precious love of Jesus.  In John 4 (and nowhere else!), we read of a moment of grace and mercy for one person, whose life seems to have been pretty much “in a mess”, as we might say in today’s parlance.  Yet this one person, coming into conversation with Jesus and discovering that, not only did He know all about her life, but He valued her.  In fact, He valued her so highly that He did not turn away from such a person, but He told her of the remarkable give of eternal life. And, wonderfully, He was believed! So, we read of one person whose life was transformed because of the Savior’s perfect love.  Wonderful. We rejoice. Good for her. God be praised. But, there’s more to the text?  That’s not where the glory and goodness end?  No, we’ll continue to read the text, and see her boldness, her winsomeness, her Christ-centered delight as she brought the message to others. They believed, too!  It began with a conversation of grace, a God-appointed moment which didn’t creep into this woman’s life, but exploded into her life, her heart, her voice.  And, then – to others! The ways of our Lord are truly wondrous. LS