Our Lord and His Ways at Sanctuary

The same basic question which many believers face today is found in two of our texts this coming Sunday. The question comes from uncertain hearts – not uncertain of God in terms of His power and authority and eternity. But the question deals with God on a much closer level – does He care about me, and does He see what I mess I’m in? Although He loves others, has He grown tired of loving me, and does He even care anymore about my situation, my fear, my brokenness? We’ll see this theme in Isaiah 40, when the people of God are quoted as having come to the point of doubting that God even knows what’s going on in their lives. And, then they are reminded of the truth: yes, He knows and yes, He cares and yes, He will always act to bless His people. We’ll see it again in Mark 1, when a leper approaches Jesus, kneels before Him and professes a full confidence that Jesus can heal, and then expresses uncertainty that Jesus would want to heal the likes of him.  Jesus, of course, healed him; so deep and so personal is His caring heart. Have you struggled with these same uncertainties, perhaps even saying so in your prayers, such as in “O Lord, do You know how frightened many of us are?  O Lord, do You see the evil which so many people are embracing? O Lord, do You hear the lies of many who seek control? O Lord, do You not see how many people misrepresent You? O Lord, are You never going to make things right?” Such prayers, such thoughts are not new; they are of old.  But, they come from the hearts of His people who believe in His authority and His ways, but sometimes are uncertain of just how deeply or how truly He loves them! Take heart!  In our day, too, He acts, He loves, He cares, He saves, He heals... See you soon.