Power, Mercy, Hope at Sanctuary

In the early days of Jesus’ earthly ministry, we read of a moment which combined the authority of His perfect teaching, compassion for those in great need, and His power over all that is evil. We read of it in Mark 1 (verses 21-28). It’s a stirring account and provides a very important insight for our own faith. Too often, however, we forget all of this or look away from His fullness. Two other Scripture passages support us in our worship – in Deuteronomy 18, Moses clearly says that another teacher would be sent by God, and that all should listen to Him, and to close the ears to loud, earthly, false teachers. This would be none other than our Jesus. In I Corinthians 8, we are invited to walk humbly, though strong and mature in faith, and in that humility extend grace and thoughtfulness to fellow believers who are new to the faith, who’ve not grown much in the faith, who hear conflicting voices about faith, etc. The call upon us, then, is to know Jesus more and more deeply and to embrace all of Him – yielding to His authority, trusting in His power over all that is evil, and seeking to walk humbly and in kindness, for the sake of others in their faith journey. Much to celebrate; much to consider; much to embrace. All of it comes from knowing our Jesus. See you soon.