Now, What Is That Supposed to Mean at Sanctuary

It is truly amazing how people of God live in ways that honor and trust the ways of a fallen world. Yet, we have been set free from such foolishness, from such emptiness. We have been called into the ways of the Kingdom of God. We’ll read of Christ’s Call upon some men. “Come, follow Me.” And, they did! They left their nets and followed Him. This was in keeping with His similar teaching that “the Kingdom of God is near”. (Mark 1:14-20) We’ll also read of the Apostle Paul’s insistent and bold teaching (I Corinthians 7:29-40) that, “the time is short”, and that the ways in which we live, the things which we decide, the commitments we make have to do first and always with the truth of God’s Kingdom. It is near! The time is short! Live like it... pray like it... think like it... These teaching from the Lord can first be jarring, even at bit distasteful. Ego and self-centeredness readily fight against the Savior’s call upon our lives, our hearts, our minds, our bodies. Yet He who loves us perfectly, He who has saved us, He Whose Kingdom is here, calls us to follow Him, to serve Him, to bless in His Name. Kingdom thinking and Kingdom doing. “O God, for Your own sake, grant that our hearts truly embrace You, and, increasingly, the things of Your Kingdom. Amen.” See you soon!