Last updated: September 14th at 8:32AM


Christ Lincoln is re-open for worship! We are not requiring congregants to signup for our in-person worship. If needed, we have several overflow locations identified in order to maintain physical distance. While things have changed in Lincoln in recent days, our staff continues to pray about and discuss worshiping in a safe manner. While we cannot remove risk, we have taken several steps to help promote safety for our congregants. 

Our worship spaces have been set up in such a way to allow us to maintain physical distance, so please make sure to keep 6' distant between you and others. Masks are encouraged while moving to and from your seat in worship. Volunteers and staff members that are working will be wearing masks while interacting with our congregants. Our cafe and bookstore will not be open. Feel free to bring your own coffee from home! Our childcare will not be available, and kids need to be accompanied by a parent at all times. Since we will not be using the children's worship bags, we encourage families to bring something to entertain your young ones. Our water fountains and paper materials, including Bibles and hymnals will not be available. Please make sure to bring your own Bibles and water bottles from home! Our restrooms will be sanitized before worship, in-between services, and Sunday evenings to keep our church clean. We ask that congregants leave as soon as our worship services are over. We look forward to fellowship in the near future!